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               In Europe during the middle ages, the pattern serving as a basis for fixed Italian surnames was based on paternity, the name of the father being the reference for identification, but before the advent of a structured systems of names, a person was most conveniently identified by their place of abode.

               According to most independent genealogy research findings, and the National Historical Society, the "Celentano" surname is found in the region of Campania and in the nearby areas and in particular in the city of Napoli. "Celentano" is of toponymic origin deriving from the name of the chain of hills in the beautiful and unspoiled southern part of Campania, called "Cilento." A person originating from that area is called Cilentano or "Celentano". The region of Cilento is located in the province of Salerno, between the rivers Sele and Alento, and the gulfs of Salerno and of Policastro. The area is famous for the quality of the wine produced on the hills.

               Most of the Italian Celentano immigrants, like many other European immigrants, were looking for a new and better life for their families, or their future families in the New World. The Calabrase were primarily either fishermen or farmers. However, many had one thing in common, they were poor but a proud and honorable people. The America's were just a short journey over the ocean and cost a few dollars by ship and took only two weeks. Well worth the trouble to find the end of the rainbow and their rich they thought. Many thought their destination would be New York, but ended up in other ports such as Canada, or even South America, due to United States Immigration quotas, political positions at the time, and alleged medical or disease problems.

               In Crollalanza's "Dizionario Storico-Blasonico", a compilation of the Italian nobility, it mentions a family by the name of "Celentano" from Bari. They originated from Penta, a small town in the region of Cilento, from which they took their name. At the end of the fifteenth century they established themselves in Giovinazzo, then in Naples, and finally in Bari.

               A famous artist/painter was Bernardo Celentano, born in Naples in 1835. He spent some time in Rome, Florence and Milano. He died very young in 1863, but his talent was recognized unanimously by the critics, and the Italian State dedicated a section to him in the National Gallery of Rome.

               The variations of the spelling of the surname "Celentano" are due to the local dialects at the different times. These variations include Celentana, Calentano, Cilentano, Salantano, Chilando, Celentani, and Celender. (Note: the proper Italian pronunciation for Celentano is "Chell-en-tan-o".)


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Direct Descendants of
Santo and Annuniciata
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Reggio di Calabria

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Celentano; Toca / Sciliberto; Agrillo

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Foti / (?)

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Pasquale Celentano Family

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Missing are the other siblings,
Raffaele, Josephine (Carita), Thresa
and Carmela Celentano
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